The World’s Largest Helicopter Trade Show

When a client asks you to go for a helicopter ride, the answer is always yes. Wysong Enterprises, a leader in helicopter customization services, chose Cumberland Marketing to help them prepare for the world’s largest trade show. Our Video Designer, Nick Bowen, soared to new heights (pun intended) with this Blountville, TN-based client:

“My favorite part of this project has been interviewing a pilot while he’s flying,” said Bowen, “I also loved watching the helicopters come in as a blank slate and come out with amazing, detailed customization. That was fun to capture on video.”

Our Video Marketing Specialist, Emily Carrier, had the unique (and freezing) experience of shooting Wysong helicopters this winter:

“It’s the neatest thing to watch a helicopter take off 10 feet away from you, propelling icy air right at you and your camera. I’ll get feeling back in my fingers eventually,” said Carrier.

At the trade show in Lexington, Kentucky, Wysong came in confident among other brands including Boeing, Joaquin Martin, and Airbus. We prepared their welcome booth with competitive products and compelling video to draw people in and show them how Wysong was a cut above.

Promotional products are a great way to make an impact on the personal lives of consumers, and we wanted to leverage that for Wysong. For Wysong’s client base, we created one of a kind microfiber screen cleaners: perfect for mobile devices, eyeglasses, computer screens, or any delicate surface. We also developed a handy sling backpack with adjustable strap and water bottle pocket for those that are on the go, or in the air.

We’re happy to have been welcomed as a partner by Wysong Enterprises and look forward to seeing the great things they will do next.