Project Description

The Story

The vision of OneKingsport is to share the excitement and unity from all areas of our city. Kingsport is blessed with committed city leaders, volunteers, business owners and citizens who are proud to live in and support their town. OneKingsport set out to unite these people, organizations, and businesses to embody this passion for the greater good of our community. Kingsport is one of the most exciting places to live, play, thrive and enjoy life. United around our mission of OneKingsport, we will accomplish great things.

The Challenge

We were challenged to start a movement that involved Kingsport citizens of all ages with the goal of community unity. Cumberland Marketing created a central content platform with an integrated social media strategy centered around ‘OneKingsport’ to reach all of Kingsport’s citizens.


The Solutions

BRANDING: Branding for OneKingsport wasn’t easy. It took several tries to get there, but we finally reached a visual solution for our logo. OneKingsport’s logo is the unity of old and new. This reflects the coming together of ideas, parts of the city, and even people.
Kingsport is a planned city, and its street map made for an excellent background texture. The map is also a constant reminder of all the things to do in and around downtown Kingsport.
GETTING THE WORD OUT: OneKingsport is more than just a logo and a map. It’s a movement. So naturally, we had to get people involved. Through the planning and organization processes, we developed a website, social media presence, and a ton of content.
VIDEO: Video, one of our specialties, is an incredibly effective way to boost interest and engagement. So, we focused hard on creating beautiful videos that tell the story of Kingsport and its citizens.
WEB DEVELOPMENT: What would a movement be without a website? The OneKingsport website is a multifunctional platform aimed at making it easy for community members to find rich content and get involved. The website features articles, photos, contests, promotions, and video content. The website also hosts landing pages for special events and contests.
STRATEGY: OneKingsport’s marketing plan is centered around social media and content sharing. OneKingsport uses its social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to connect with the community. From giveaways to polling, we use social media to drive engagement and boost brand awareness.