Project Description

The Story

Kingsport Speedway, known as the Concrete Jungle, is a hidden gem nestled in Kingsport, Tennessee. This offers Kingsport-based Cumberland Marketing the opportunity to be a part of the exhilarating action of a NASCAR race. Locals are able to race or watch the excitement just minutes from home. The power and speed of this track inspired us to create a video making viewers want to come out and feel the heat for themselves.

The Result

We used this video to place the viewers in the action. We created an audio-heavy promotional video intended to drive recognition for this “hidden gem.” The promo showcases the Concrete Jungle’s fast pace, gritty interior, and beautiful setting as the sun goes down over the track. We integrated the video into our social media channel OneKingsport, where our followers are interested in the very best of things to do and see in Kingsport.