Project Description

The Story

The Kingsport Centennial is a yearlong, citywide series of events in 2017 celebrating 100 years of Kingsport, Tennessee.


Cumberland Marketing’s creative team designed four unique invitations to each signature event. The first event is the New Year’s Eve Centennial Street Party. Our designers used soft purples and pinks to give the feeling of the sun setting and crossing over into night. They simplified a version of Kingsport’s clock tower with lights projecting up onto it, since there’s a light show happening at the event. And of course, the clock is set to midnight! Our creatives used a mixture of clean, sans serif fonts and a cursive script to give the invite a professional, upscale feeling. 

Centennial Press Conference

City Manager Jeff Fleming announced the signature events to a packed room of Kingsport citizens, and Cumberland Marketing’s video team took the traditional press conference to the next level. With creative angles, innovative audio, and additional B-roll, the City of Kingsport had a packaged announcement to hand deliver to media outlets – ready for air or web release.


Cumberland Marketing’s challenge was finding products that would uniquely celebrate Kingsport’s 100 years. We wanted to find items that made sense for a Centennial, but that also had purpose and that consumers would enjoy for a long time.  

We chose a Tri-Blend shirt in short and long sleeves. They come in emerald green, navy and maroon.

When choosing the Centennial teddy bear, our team wanted something parents could give their children this Christmas to play with now, but also keep forever as a keepsake for the Centennial year.

The etched wine glass was something we wanted to be able to offer as a keepsake. While practical, it would be a perfect addition to anyone’s kitchen.

Our team favorite, the baby blanket, is the perfect gift for all Centennial babies born in 2017. What better way to celebrate our Centennial babies than with a soft, embroidered baby blanket?