Project Description

The Story

Located in historical downtown Kingsport, Hook & Ladder Distillery features authentic handcrafted moonshine distilled in the mountains of Tennessee. After serving 25 years as a firefighter, Drew Draper and son Drew Jr. developed an all-natural moonshine using an old thumper-type still. Realizing just how incredible their ‘shine was, they decided to share their craft with the world.

The Challenge

Hook and Ladder’s moonshine is fantastic, and we needed to help them create a marketings plan that was just as smooth.

The Solutions

BRANDING: Creating recognizable branding is paramount to the success of any brand. We created an extensive visual identity that encompassed the aesthetic and vision the Drapers had in mind. Combining inspiration from the family’s firefighter legacy with moonshine’s rugged past, we designed a multipurpose logo perfect for almost any application.
PRODUCTS: When storytelling, using props helps the audience visualize and connect better with the story. Likewise, using props to tell a brand story helps further connect an audience with a brand. The Cumberland Marketing product team developed an aesthetically pleasing, yet useful, line of products that served as the needed props to tell Hook & Ladder’s story.
WEBSITE & E-COMMERCE: Hook & Ladder produces a product that has been around for a few centuries, so they needed a modern marketing solution that can reach their clients efficiently and effectively. We created a digital presence for Hook & Ladder that included a brand-forward website, social media presence on several platforms, and an effective SEO strategy, all backed by our knowledgeable team of digital experts. The website features a video blog, an e-commerce solution, and a store locator.
GETTING THE WORD OUT: Moonshine is meant to be shared with friends. We created shareable content that represents the casual nature of moonshine. Using Youtube to create a video blog, we create video content that shares interesting facts and uses of Hook & Ladder Moonshine.