Project Description


The Story

International company General Shale requested a series of internal videos focused on explaining company policies and procedures to employees. Our team decided on a humorous approach to make these videos both hilarious and educational for their employees. The idea was to get General Shale employees to look forward to receiving and sharing more internal communications going forward.

The Story

General Shale is an innovator when it comes to building materials. They are known for exceptional quality and versatility. Businesses and consumers around the country use their products daily


The Challenge

General Shale needs branded custom products. But on top of that, they need a way to sell these products to employees all over the world. The challenge? Develop a catalogue of custom products and an accompanying online commerce and distribution system.

The Solutions

PRODUCTS: General Shale has employees all over North America and Europe, so we created a custom solution that enables employees to order branded products through a dedicated e-commerce portal. The best part? We’ve made the order process super easy.
E-COMMERCE: With locations all over the world, there’s no way General Shale could satisfy its reach through physical stores. So, we suggested an e-commerce solution. It allows us to cater to consumers around the globe. It also makes processing and handling the orders just as easy.
VIDEO: General Shale also came to us for help with their internal messaging. We took a light-hearted and comical approach to everyday office guidelines to create a memorable video for the company to use.