Project Description

Welcome to behind the scenes of the making of a short film.

It’s fun to see a finished product, but we wanted to capture
exactly how much work goes into making a one minute video:

Introducing ‘Elle’

– a short film for Tritan® from Eastman

Our Objective

Encapsulating the massive success of Tritan’s durables market to use as a means to infiltrate the medical market.


The Process

Our client required a unique storyline to illustrate how their materials are applied to products, not only in our everyday lives, but also that those same materials are of such unmatched durability and safety, that they are trusted in medical and hospital environments. Cumberland’s creative team conceived a plan to tell Tritan’s success story by following one woman, Elle, throughout her day. As the short film progresses through Elle’s normal daily routine, we subconsciously reveal over 80 Tritan™ products used by Elle and those around her including their application in Elle’s job as a hospital nurse.


How It’s Used

ELLE debuted at a trade show in Anaheim, California and will continue to be used as part of the ongoing marketing efforts for Eastman Tritan™.