Project Description

The Story

Domtar is one of the largest paper and pulp producers in North America. Domtar’s paper and pulp mills are large, complex operations that require employees to exercise caution on the job.

The Challenge

Domtar’s Kingsport paper mill needed a comprehensive plan to promote and encourage on-the-job safety. Our challenge is to create and produce safety videos, organize social media, create content for a website, and orchesrate giveaways to boost engagement.

The Solutions

BRANDING: First, we asked Domtar to help identify six SEAL teams within the mill. SEAL stands for Safety, Excellence, Awareness, and Leadership. Each of these teams are responsible for a different aspect of safety (such as communication, looking for hazards, or supervisor training).
Next, we developed logos and brand awareness for the SEAL teams. Each individual team had its own logo and respective colors. Many of the teams invested in shirts, stickers, and other items to make sure the rest of the mill knew to which team they belong. Domtar also invested in various signage and artwork around the mill to increase the SEAL brand awareness.
VIDEO: Cumberland Marketing also made each SEAL team a video describing their role, to be distributed to the rest of the mill on the website. The communication team surveyed the mill after only a few months of the campaign and a vast percentage of the mill (even those not involved with SEAL teams) were knowledgeable about the SEAL the campaign.
STRATEGY: In addition to the SEAL Team Domtar website, we also developed an e-mail strategy, sending safety tips and calls for engagement straight to their inbox.