OneKingsport: Behind the Lens

I think it’s fair to say the concept of “OneKingsport” has become a powerful voice in the community.

My name is Emily. I’m the Video Marketing Specialist for Cumberland Marketing in Kingsport, Tennessee. I helped form this OneKingsport campaign with our incredible marketing team and I am so proud of where it’s going.

In July of 2015, Cumberland Marketing formed a partnership with KCVB, the Kingsport Chamber, the City of Kingsport, the Kingsport City School System, and KOSBE to all work together to create OneKingsport.

OneKingsport is a vision, a campaign, a voice – developed to share the exciting events, news, and growth occurring in Kingsport. We distribute news through interesting articles and lively videos both on our Charter TV channel 192, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and on

We’re devoted to everything tasty, interesting, healthy, and entertaining in our community. It’s so fun to feature Kingsport’s finest events, food, people, businesses, students, and attractions – every day! (Can you say best job ever?)

Kingsport is blessed with committed city leaders, volunteers, business owners and citizens who are proud to live in, and support their town. Our goal with OneKingsport is to unite these people, organizations, and businesses to embody this passion for the greater good of our community.

I want the entire city to stay connected with all that Kingsport has to offer.

We ADORE Kingsport. That’s why we do what we do.

I am OneKingsport. Are you?