Behind the Desk

“Tori, I need a direct mail campaign that doesn’t feel like a direct mail campaign.”
My response? “You got it!”

Sometimes I say yes to my clients before I know how I’m going to pull it off. I can do this because I’m 100% confident that I have the team behind me to make magical things happen for my clients. It all starts with a, “You got it!”
From there I begin the campaign development based on goals, target audience, and budget. I ask specific questions in order to get to the core of my client’s need.
My product knowledge and Sam’s design skills worked together to create a direct mail campaign that was inviting and informative. Most importantly, it didn’t look or feel like a typical direct mail piece. I remember thinking, “If I got one of these in the mail, I would be so excited!”
However, it doesn’t stop at delivery. There’s more to a beautifully designed campaign than what meets the eye. It’s tricky, but my team is dedicated to making sure there is a way to measure results for any campaign. We set you up for success!
First Bank & Trust is one of my favorite clients to work with because they allow our team to develop an idea and run with it. There’s a mutual trust that has been established and that’s always my goal with any client.

-Tori Humphreys