Professional Excellence Spotlight: Dawn Henning

– Dawn Henning, General Shale’s Director of Marketing & Retail Sales

One of the many joys of the marketing industry is building close relationships with people and learning from incredible clients. We sat down with one of our favorites, General Shale’s Director of Marketing & Retail Sales, Dawn Henning to learn what fuels her success.

When asked about her most significant accomplishment, Dawn went straight to the rebranding of General Shale. The slight change from “General Shale Brick” to “General Shale” proved to be a huge undertaking in an industry so large and diverse. Dawn built her marketing team from the ground up. She watched visions come to life with her hard working, creative team members.

When faced with economic challenges, being able to adapt and incorporate new and exciting colors, textures and sizes along with developing a message that sets General Shale apart from the competition proved to be the perfect combination for the company.

Dawn believes that in the end, General Shale became a better and stronger company for it.

How does someone in this industry stay ahead of the curve? Dawn pushes herself & her team to constantly grow their existing abilities while consistently developing new skills. She believes there is much to learn from other successful marketing professionals, so she often travels to meet with industry leaders and develops ways to incorporate their knowledge into her work.

Work isn’t the only thing that Dawn enjoys. She believes in reducing stress by exercising – whether it’s running, going to the gym or taking a yoga class. She also loves travelling with her husband, taking pictures, antiquing and doing home improvement projects.