KCVB AAU Competition

Last week Kingsport had the privilege of hosting the 2016 AAU Nationals Basketball Tournament for the 7th Grade Girls division. With the support of friends, family, and their coaches these girls made their way to the National Championships and Cumberland Marketing got the chance to engage them during their stay on behalf of the Kingsport Convention and Visitor’s Bureau.

Our approach was multi-faceted and we had several goals in mind when coming up with the #VisitKingsport AAU campaign.

  1. To engage visitors while they traveled to, and stayed in Kingsport.
  2. To make the experience at AAU Nationals memorable for all participants and build positive feelings around Kingsport and the KCVB
  3. To generate user content for use in video and social media for a shareable re-cap and sales tool for the KCVB

In order to achieve these goals, we utilized every tool in our arsenal in order to build buzz, build the brand, and promote awareness of the area including:

  • email marketing
  • giveaways
  • branded custom products
  • social media
  • video production
  • event coverage photography

To celebrate their accomplishments, we decided to do a little something different to welcome them to Kingsport. Every player was given a branded headband, and we hosted competitions for giveaways including bluetooth speakers and Polaroid cameras. The response we received was incredible. Their team pride and love of the sport showed through. Their quirky contributions to show the best of Kingsport were just as impressive as their skills on the court, and it resulted in a wildly successful brand activation for the KCVB.

Check out some of the stats below, and the recap video featuring some of the submissions we received that are now promoting the #VisitKingsport brand all over Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.